Welcome to 1 Time Email

1 Time Email is best way to deal with free Disposable Temporary Email address that will be dispose of after few hours or days. You can name it trash email, temp mail or fake email. As all of know that data is very important these days so many companies like discussion forum, blogs and other informative websites ask visitors to register view content, post reviews & comments or download content. If you register on these platforms using your regular email like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook then your inbox will fill with tons of unnecessary marketing emails and other spam emails. If you are Software Tester then one time email will help you in creating anonymous email address which is usually used to create user profile 1timeemail is a better choice to avoid from unnecessary marketing emails and spammers.

Why do I need 1 Time Email?

The most important question is why we need one time email address, if we have regular email address. Because regular email address creation is not easy these days as you need to fill registration form with personal information and interestingly regular email address will never be deleted. While temporary email address gives you freedom to create email address without giving any personal info. Free Temporary email address will be deleted in few hours or days so you don’t worry about anything.